What should we expect in a Redmond nutrition coaching session? You should expect what you need now. That’s different for every person. You’re going to have other desires. You’re going to have different goals. And by the way, you’re all unique human beings. It would help if you had different levels of accountability. It would help if you had different levels of connection. There are a few fundamental principles that you all will need, and your coach should be providing these. If they’re not, you probably need to start looking for a new nutrition coach.

Start With The Desired Results

First and foremost, we believe every session should start with the result of what got us to where we are today. We call this awareness. How did we get to where we are today? Where are we? What are the physical facts? What are the physiological facts?

But most importantly, what are the processes? What are the events? What things happened to bring us to where we are today. If you didn’t know those things about me, that’s not going to go over well when you’re building a prescription.

From a client-facing standpoint, if you’re a client, you also should be getting an education from your coach. If your coach is ever using the words, “just because I said so,” or “just take my word for it,” run the other way quickly. That coach doesn’t have your best interests at heart. If you’re not receiving education along with your application, I’d recommend looking for a new coach. Most importantly, your coach should build your diets for you and around you. Sometimes even by you. Your coach should be listening to all of your unique desires, date nights, nights out with friends, drinks that you want to have, and even cheat meals.

Have Your Unique Goals In Mind

You want to have your unique goals, whatever they are. It’s not our job as nutrition coaches to dictate these things for you. You have a life. It should not go by the wayside because you decided that you have a dietary goal. That’s okay. If your desires are not being listened to, please make sure that you find a coach who’s willing to give that.

The last thing that you need to be doing is getting the right application. There are tens, if not hundreds, of successful dietary protocols in existence today. The truth is, they all work, and they all don’t work. As a client, you shouldn’t be looking for a protocol. It would help if you were looking for “your” protocol. It would help if you were looking for a coach that is finding a protocol for your life. If you feel like you’re having to give up and sacrifice across the board just to fit yourself into what’s being sent to you, you’re not going to create long-term success. You might be able to transform in 10 weeks, but what about ten years? Are you going to be back at the same place that you’re at today? Probably not. Every session should have all of these principles.

Ask The Right Questions

It would be best if you understood what happened over the last week that brought us to where we are today. Why does that matter? What education components do I need today? What’s going to happen in the next week? What life events do I have coming up? What am I walking away with? What am I doing this week? These are questions that should be getting answered.

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