One of the things that we get often asked is what sports medicine Redmond is? Sports medicine is a comprehensive multidisciplinary specialty that encompasses treating the athletic population, whether it is adaptive athletes to the most professional athletes. The comprehensive care and skill set required to provide proper care to this population includes many specialties. These specialists have athletic trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and sports medicine providers.

We Can Be Your Quarterback

One of the ways that we help patients is to be like the quarterback for the patient. As they enter into the healthcare system, each patient is going to have a problem or concern. They may be interested in injury prevention, or maybe we’re looking at progressing them into the next level of sport or competition. These are just two examples of what sports medicine can provide.

Much of what can be done in sports medicine is only limited by creativity. Some sports medicine clinics have turf fields, basketball courts, and spaces where patients can perform rehab exercises. We want to move a patient from basic skill movements to weight machines to playable surfaces that will mimic their sports.

Post Surgery Patients

It’s also expected that a sports medicine clinic will have tools available for post-surgical patients. Patients that have had surgery need to progress more carefully or in a more specialized way. These post-surgery exercises may include submerging the patient in water and looking at advanced movements while free from weight in water.

Sports medicine is a broad term and can include everyone active or wanting to be active. People who take advantage of sports medicine can consist of competitive athletes to people who want to get healthier or want to get into an exercise program.

Patients With Sedentary Lifestyles

Sports medicine patients are often even people who have been sedentary or have been out of their exercise routine for a while. A sports medicine doctor can help write a plan, teach the patient how to perform the exercises, and safely do them. Typically you don’t want to go from sitting around all day to running marathons. That can be a potentially unhealthy situation. Figuring out the right speed to develop your program and increase your intensity and frequency is essential.

There are several guidelines out there for what is an optimal exercise for the best health benefits. Those guidelines might differ for someone wanting to train for a specific competition compared to someone simply wanting to be in better shape. There are also many pitfalls out there when getting back into activity. A sports medicine doctor helps patients to avoid those and keep people as active as they are able. Injuries also can slow down the process.

Meeting with a sports medicine doctor is wise for people from all walks of life. Sports medicine can benefit anyone wanting to improve their health, strength, or competitive performance.