Everyone’s cracked their knuckles before, but have you ever wondered what the sound you hear is? What happens to your body when you get a chiropractic adjustment? Let’s go through what an adjustment is. We call it spinal manipulative therapy or SMT. It’s a high velocity, low amplitude thrust that is applied to a joint. What that means is that it’s a quick but not forceful thrust applied to the joint. This is why someone my size can adjust someone much larger. It’s all about the quickness of the adjustment and not about the force that you’re providing.

What Is A Joint?

A joint is two bones coming together, usually surrounded by a capsule. In that capsule, there’s fluid, which allows the joints to glide smoothly past each other. Every joint within our body is designed to move in a specific range of motion. Our elbow moves differently than, for example, our neck, or mid-back, or low back.

We call the distance we can move a joint ourselves our active range of motion. Active range of motion is a range of motion that we can move. For example, twisting side to side, we can get through the available range of motion. We also have a passive range of motion that we are not able to engage. That’s why we need therapists or chiropractors to help us attain that range of motion as well. Adjustment aims to restore proper movement and range of motion in a joint that is restricted or not moving correctly.

What Is That Popping Noise?

In most cases, during an adjustment and audible pop, or the cracking sound is heard when a joint is adjusted or moved quickly. The sound is caused by an air bubble that may be released from the fluid inside the joint capsule. That release of air causes the audible popping or cracking sound. In most cases, this sound is audible and loud. It’s not typically associated with pain at all. Most adjustments are pain-free.

Great For Pain And Maintenance

Chiropractic adjustments and sports medicine are not only beneficial when you’re experiencing pain or you have severe symptoms. They’re also great for maintenance and prevention. If you’d like to learn more, call or email Eastside Ideal Health today and come in for an appointment. Call us for Nutrition Coaching as well.