At EIH we are focused on treating the patient and improving their quality of life. We have patients that suffer from low back pain when putting their socks on in the morning, troubles picking up their children, pain in their shoulder when sleeping on their side, stiffness in the knees and hips when walking down the stairs or other activities of daily living. We also have patients that are having pain and limitations when doing their sport, be it IT band syndrome in runners, shoulder pain with over head lifts in our Crossfit and weight lifting athletes or shoulder/elbow pain in our throwing athletes. We address why these limitations are happening and treat the cause rather than the symptoms

When we talk about mobility more is not always better. Some joints such as the low back and knee are too mobile, so we try to add stability. Others, like the hip and shoulders can be stiff an immobile, so we try to increase mobility. Mobility without proper stability can equal injury. There are several common causes that we see for mobility issues, sitting at a computer for work or school is a big one, overuse of hand held electronic devices is another. There tends to be a strong postural component as well. 

Treatment options at our office include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work (active release), specific rehabilitation exercises, functional movement, work space ergonomics, modification of electronic usage, cupping sore muscles, fascial release with IASTM, nutritional support, foam rolling exercises.