Knee Pain

Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy for Knee Pain and Injury

Knee pain can occur on the top of the knee, below the knee, the inside/outside of the knee, within the knee, or under the kneecap. This is why you want to see a clinician that truly understands the complex nature of the knee, and can properly diagnose what is going on through orthopedic testing along with a proper history and exam. At Eastside Ideal Health, it is our goal to identify the root cause of your pain quickly, and determine if we can help you with physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, or if your condition requires a referral to another physician. Common causes of knee pain may be: jumper's knee, bursitis, Osgood-Schlatter disease, IT band syndrome, ACL tear, meniscus tear, prolonged sitting at a desk, knock knees (Genu valgum), improper form during workouts, knee sprain and muscle imbalances including instability of the hip muscles & lack of foot arch stability.

Our pain management specialists create tailored therapy strategies for your unique needs. When it comes to treatment for knee pain, therapy may include: Rocktape, chiropractic adjustments, rehab exercises, soft tissue work (Active Release Technique), foam rolling, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), cupping, and coaching on exercise form and weightlifting techniques. Contact our team of skilled chiropractors and physical therapists today to learn more about finding relief from knee pain at Eastside Ideal Health!

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