Holistic Health

More than ever, people are dealing with high stress home and work environments in addition to a poor diet and lack of sleep and/or exercise. Are you suffering from weight gain, lack of energy, brain fog, food allergies/intolerances, insomnia, or hormonal imbalances?  

At EIH, we address the whole body, by asking you questions regarding exposure to environmental toxins, diet, mineral deficiencies, genetics, work/life balance, and more. This gives us a good picture of how we can help you, what simple changes you can make, and if we need to work together with other practitioners to give you the best result. 

We offer nutritional counseling with Dr. Robertson, and sports nutrition with Dr. Greenwade in addition our chiropractic and rehabilitation services. At each visit, the practitioner will address your specific needs with a tailored approach. No boxed foods or gimmicks allowed. Dr. Robertson also offers 'Shop with the doc' to help you navigate the grocery store successfully, and get you on the road to health. We make supplement recommendations as needed, but do not sell them in office.