Auto Accident Recovery

Everyone knows that car wrecks can cause whiplash injuries to the head and neck but that's only part of the picture. The forces that are applied to the body during a motor vehicle accident are immense. There are the initial injuries as a direct result of the wreck, but there are also secondary injuries that can develop from the movement faults following the wreck. Injuries from the car wreck can lead to bigger issues down the road. Some of the common symptoms that we see are neck/low back pain, shoulder and wrist pain, hip/knee/ankle pain, concussions and headache.

At our Redmond and Issaquah locations, we see a variety of car related accidents, the three main types being: car vs car, car vs pedestrian, and car vs bike. Our goal with the treatment of our auto accident patients is to get them back to pre-injury status, meaning getting you back to how you felt prior to getting in the wreck. We use a combination of expertly applied chiropractic adjustments to help the spine and other joins, Active Release Technique (ART) to help loosen tight muscles and ligaments, and carefully selected rehab exercises to help retrain proper movement patterns. Every patient is different so every treatment plan and approach is personalized for the best results.