3 Training Exercises for Injury Prevention

Injury prevention isn’t optional

Endurance athletes face a dilemma: they know strength training is essential to injury prevention, but the nature of their sport leaves them short on time. The good news is that a little can go a long way – if you choose a training plan that delivers maximum benefits.  We invited Dan Kleckner, Co-owner and trainer extraordinaire of Kutting Edge Fitness Gym in Kirkland, to share his favorite strength exercises for even the most time-pressed athletes.

Here is what he shared:

Planks for core strength

Planks for core strength

The key to planks is to be sure to keep the core tight and back flat. Try starting with intervals of 30 seconds and work your way up.

Don’t forget to squeeze your glutes a little to keep everything strong. People think of planks as core work, but when you do them correctly, they will build your glute strength too.

Single-leg Bosu Ball stands

Bosu ball balance

These take practice but they are well worth it, because they build stability and contribute to what we call “fall prevention.” This means you are less likely to lose your balance and crash!

Think about keeping the weight on the middle of the foot, and make sure there is a slight bend in the knee. It may help to focus on a point on the wall or even start next to a railing as you learn to hold your balance. Start with 15 seconds on each foot and work up.

Daily Glute bridge

Glute bridges

We know you are probably sick of hearing this, but you really do need to activate your glutes before running. The glute bridge is the way to do it.

If you have one, place a flat rubber band around the knees to aid in activation. (You can easily order these bands from Amazon.)

Lie on the floor and bring the hips up to be in line with the shoulders and knees. Make sure you keep the neck relaxed and push through the heels. Squeeze the glutes and hold at the top for 2 seconds. In addition to activating your glutes, this movement supports hip stability.

These three moves will take less fifteen minutes per day, and the injury-prevention benefits last years. So even if you think you are too busy, do them anyway. It’s so much better to invest fifteen minutes now than to lose weeks or months of training while you wait to recover from an injury.