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KEndal Prendergast. 5 star review 

Dr. Maggie is amazing. I actually look forward to my appointments as I know I will leave feeling better immediately.. What I love especially are the informational and practical elements - knowing why something hurts and what is causing it as well as what I can do myself at home in between appointments to help...The only bummer is I didn't meet her earlier!!!


Chris S.  5 star review 

I have been seeing Ben for almost a year now, he takes a "different" approach then most chiropractors, but that's why I keep going back! I notice after every visit I have more mobility and the following days at the gym I am stronger. I would recommend Ben to anyone, even those who are skeptical of chiropractors.

Tim Mather. 5 star review 

Dr. Ben has a real gift for diagnosing what is going on in the musculoskeletal system and offering specific exercises to improve performance andovercome imbalances.

Erin Streams. 5 star review

I saw Dr. Maggie Robertson for a back and shoulder issue. She is fabulous! Knowing my level of pain, she got me right in, quickly diagnosed the issue and relief came after just a few manipulations. She offers a variety of therapies such as ...More