Neck Pain

At Eastside Ideal Health, we provide chirporatic and physical therapy services for neck pain. Common causes of the neck pain often include poor posture at school or work, improper work space ergonomics, overuse of electronic devices (including gaming), a slipped disc, auto accident whiplash, migraine and tension headaches, stress, holding a purse or work bag on one side only, using the wrong pillow and upper cross syndrome, If you are experiencing ongoing neck pain, or have had an accident, contact our Redmond or Issaquah locations to talk about physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

Our pain management specialists will work on therapy strategy unique to your needs. Treatments may include: chiropractic adjustments, ergonomic assessment, modification of electronic usage and positioning, cupping sore muscles, fascial release with IASTM, nutritional support, foam rolling exercises, functional movement, McKenzie protocol posture exercises, soft tissue work (active release), targeted rehabilitation exercises, Rocktape kinesiology taping for postural support