3 Ways Chiropractic Treats Whiplash After an Auto Accident

Woman calls chiropractor after Whiplash in Auto Accident

Whiplash accounts for nearly half of auto accident injuries.

Whiplash accounts for nearly half of auto accident injuries

2.3 million Americans are injured or disabled in auto accidents every year. Whiplash injuries account for 1 million of those injuries, yet most go untreated. That’s because very often people don’t realize until much later that the accident has done a number on their skeletal system. By the time it really hurts and you decide to call your chiropractor, the insurance company has happily walked away.

The truth is that pain can be terrible indicator of dysfunction. So just because it doesn’t hurt right away doesn’t mean everything is okay. If you have been in an auto accident, it’s critical to get checked by a medical professional who specializes in these injuries. We have seen hundreds of patients who started out feeling fine, and ended up in agony months later.

Of course, many people do experience pain right away. No matter which stage you are at after an auto accident, here are three ways chiropractic can help.

Reduce pain

The jolting energy of a car wreck delivers a severe insult to the body. The muscles and bones in you back and neck in particular take a beating. Whiplash is just one example of this. When your muscles are traumatized they can’t support your body properly. What happens? Your body compensates for this by twisting itself into misaligned positions. It’s actually these compensations that end up causing pain over time.

Chiropractic delivers neuromuscular re-education, which is a fancy way of saying that we get the brain to talk to the muscles properly, and get them back to supporting your body the way they are supposed to. Once that happens your body can stop compensating, reducing pain.

Restore movement

With any kind of trauma the body reacts with inflammation. Even if you aren’t feeling it yet, the damage has been done. Chiropractic manipulation works in two ways to address this: First, it addresses the fundamental problem, which is that your range of motion has been reduced. Second, by restoring movement, it allows your body to eliminate the inflammation.

Faster recovery

Medication for car accident

Traditional treatments don’t solve pain, they mask it.

Traditional treatments don’t solve pain, they mask it. Chiropractic helps you get better faster because it’s treating the cause not just the symptoms

It’s important to note that not all chiropractic practitioners use the same techniques, and for many patients that may be okay. But if you’ve been in an auto accident, you really more than just mobility treatments, which is adjustments. They are important but they are only half the treatment.

Adjustments are important but once the motion has been restored, you need to work on stability, too which requires deep tissue work, therapeutic exercise targeted at your individual state, and very often, what we like to call “homework” which are steps you must take in between visits to aid in healing.

In our chiropractic and rehabilitation-focused practice we see many patients who have experienced rear-end collisions, T-bone accidents, head-on collisions, work vehicle related accidents, and more. It is our goal, first and foremost, to relieve the acute neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and emotional pain that patients so often walk in with immediately following their accident.

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